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Where we offer a combination of yoga, strength, mobility, and functional movement training.

We provide a safe, welcoming atmosphere that will help you explore and develop your inner strength, and further your health and wellness goals through a mind/body connection.

Our studio is clean, small, inviting, and supportive. Our aim is to help you feel confident and move better in your body. We will teach you how to keep your joints mobile, build strength, and guide you towards a more movement based lifestyle.

Shape 4 Life & Satya Yoga offers Movement/Yoga classes (group/private), Personal Training (private/semi-private), and Bootcamps. * All services available online, in-person, or in the comfort of your own home.

~ Improve Mobility and Live Better in your Body ~


Join us for an all-level class blending yoga, mobility and strength.

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  • I met Nicki in 2004, and she introduced me to the wonderful world of yoga. I was hooked from my very first class with her. As a marathon/ultra marathon runner I was very tight and was concerned about staying injury free. Thirteen years later Nicki is still my teacher, mentor and friend. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had for anything. Still after all this time, I continue to grow in my practice physically, mentally ad spiritually. Not only is Nicki a fantastic teacher but she instills a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. Yoga has changed my life for the better. I have Nicki to thank for that. She is innovative, fun and a true professional. You never stop learning with her. Eight years ago I became a yoga teacher because of Nicki and now pass on my knowledge to others.

    Ramona, 50
  • My husband and I have been participating in Nicki's classes for over 15 years now and thoroughly enjoy and continue to reap all of the positive benefits of them. What a workout! We come away feeling renewed and able to take on the world. Nicki's emphasis on proper technique has always been a key component of our loyalty to her, and thankfully, has allowed us to continue with her challenging classes as we age. We could not imagine our lives without yoga, and Nicki teaching it.

    Carol, 56 and David, 53
  • Training and practicing yoga with Nicki is definitely a unique experience. Her ability to combine yoga with mobility and strength training, allows me to explore my own abilities in a way I could never do via basic training. Nicki has great articulation of how to safely move into postures/exercises. I always look forward to my time with Nicki in her classes as it gives me the opportunity to explore and go beyond my limits in a safe and fun way.

    Melissa, 35
  • I’ve been attending Nicki’s yoga classes for over 12 years now, and she has also been my personal fitness trainer for most of that time. The combination of strength training, cardio and yoga has helped me stay fit and flexible as I get a bit older. Her experience and professionalism have enabled me to maintain a high level of physical fitness. I would recommend her to anyone.

    Paul, 52
  • I thought I was a young fit woman at the height of my fitness potential. I then started attending Nicki’s classes and boy was I surprised to realize how much more I could achieve. Nicki inspires me to push myself to improve my postures, strength, and flexibility. She challenges me each time and motivates me to think outside the box to achieve my own fitness goals. Seeing her demonstrate different movement patterns with expertise encourages me to keep practicing.

    Wendy, 28
  • I started doing yoga with Nicki 2 years ago primarily because of knee pain I was experiencing after playing hockey. I have continued to come practice with Nicki every week because it has really helped! Not only have my knee pains reduced, I feel stronger and have fewer injuries in general. About a year ago, my wife (who has been a yoga student with Nicki for almost 15 years) and I decided to start personal training with Nicki as well. We both have had substantial gains in our strength and general fitness over the past year… and always have a blast working with Nicki!

    Ben, 35 and Alysha, 28
  • I have been taking Nicki’s yoga classes for more than 10 years and have always enjoyed the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Thanks to Nicki and yoga, at age 65 I feel relaxed, flexible, and strong.