Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga
            uses an energizing, flowing practice that creates a high body heat, improving
            flexibility, balance and strength. Vinyasas are the essence of Ashtanga Yoga,
            synchronizing breath with movement. Learning to move with the breath
            creates a dynamic flow that mirrors a deep mind-body connection.

            Hatha Yoga
            is a classical approach to yoga postures. It calms the mind, promotes
            flexibility, and balances the energies in the body. Students learn to bring
            awareness into their bodies.

                     Benefits of Yoga
                                - Reduce Stress, Increase Energy
                                - Build Strength, Flexibility, Balance
                                - Improve Circulation, Digestion, and Posture
                                - Control Weight, Pain and Depression
                                - Enhance Mind- Body Awareness

                     Things to Know
                                - Practice at your own pace and listen carefully to your body as
                                  you progress.
                                - Please arrive on time for class. Suggested 10-15 minutes early
                                  for class.
                                - Practice yoga on an empty stomach.
                                - Wear workout style (fitted) clothing and bare feet.
                                - Bring your own yoga sticky mat and towel.
                                - The room is kept warm to help your muscles stretch and release
                                - Inform the instructor prior to class of any injuries or health
                                - Remember to turn off pagers and cell phones prior to class.