Personal trainers can make the difference in the success of your fitness
            program. I can work with you on a regular basis or on a consulting basis to
            help design a workout for you and update it periodically.

            Personal training is offered at the Shape 4 Life studio or in the comfort of
            your own home. For in-home training, equipment is not required as I will
            provide all necessary equipment.

            Your personal training session will be one hour in length. I will be there to
            ensure safety and proper technique, monitor your progress, and educate and
            motivate you. New information and techniques are being developed all the
            time and I keep up with the latest research through personal training
            conferences and continuing education programs.

            I enjoy working with all ages and fitness levels and being able to share my
            knowledge and skills to help others improve their heath and wellness.

            Please call for personalized training packages.